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Monday, January 23, 2012

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A wordle on my all about me blog
All About Me
       Hello my name is Sarah Webb and I am twenty years old. This is my third year in college. I just changed my major from nursing to elementary education. I realized in the fall semester that I wanted to work with children, but I would rather work with in a classroom rather than a hospital. I transferred to USA this past summer from a small Methodist college in Athens, TN to be closer to my family. My parents still live in Tennessee, but will eventually move back to Mobile, AL.  I have one brother who is twenty-six and married. He has two children. They are everything to me. Riley, the oldest, is 5 and extremely smart. Brody is 3 and thinks he is invincible.
     Moving back down to Mobile to finish school was a great decision, but is still very hard being away from my two nephews. I had a different high school life than most kids. I showed horses competitively throughout middle and high school and was gone pretty much every weekend. The first two years of high school I tried to balance school and showing together while having to miss a lot of Fridays and some Mondays. I remember those two years having to make up the time I was gone after school hours every day. It was terrible so my parents home-schooled me my junior year and we spent most of that year down in Florida for me to train. Finally, I decided my senior year to cut down showing and go back to school to try and have a normal senior year. I made some great friends that year and really enjoyed going back to school.
      I think being home-schooled really made me appreciate teachers more and how much of an impact they really do have on learning. That is a big reason why I am interested in teaching. I want to have the same impact on students as my teachers had on me.

Randy Pausch on Time Management

Pausch talks of how we need to ask "Why?" when setting goals. He also says to do right things right no matter if they are beautifully done or not just make sure things are done right. Good judgement comes from experience and if things are not going the way you want that usually means you will learn from it and the next time it will be better. Planning is also important to time management and done in multiple levels. Also remember that you can change your plans but the only way you can is to first have an actual plan. The final thing he talks about in this time management video is doing to do lists he tells listeners to break the lists down to small steps and do the worst thing first.


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Wow, I bet it was hard to juggle school and your love for showing your horses. Do you ever have any regrets missing out on so much school and the social aspect of it? Just a little personal information about myself; I missed out on my junior and senior year of high school and feel like I missed out on a lot. I had my first child when I was 17 so I got my GED and started working a fulltime job and started going to school fulltime at night to provide for her. Since then I have graduate from two colleges with an associates and bachelors in Elementary Education. I here at USA to have my teaching certificate reinstated. I had to do a lot of juggling myself. My situation was a little different from yours but I know what it feels like to have missed out on being in an actual school environment and the want to be in school. I don’t have any regrets because I did what I felt at the time was right for us.
    I agree teachers do have a great impact on what a child learns. I don’t believe teaching should come solely from teachers in our classroom; I think parents also play a huge role in what our children learn and the success of what a child can achieve in the class. I like the fact your parents allowed you to have the experiences with your horses and to make some of your own choices about school.Great teachers should provide exposure and experience and I think that is what your parents did. Exposure and experience is what learning is all about. Doing is learning!

  2. I think you are the 4th or 5th students who has reported changing from nursing to education this semester. Wow!

    Welcome to EDM310.