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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog Post 5

Scott McLeod's "Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff, Please?

Scott Mcleod is the co-founder of CASTLE(UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education) and an associate professor. I love the blog and the sarcasm he put in it. Everything he says not to do in the post he really means to do them. The internet and other technology and preparing the younger generation for what the future holds. Now a days businesses are searching for people that are computer literate. How much more are people going to have to know ten years down the road? Our children need the exposure of making videos and podcasts to help when they have to give speeches in front of people. Hopefully with the exposure they will be less likely to be nervous. If you do not teach your children the dangers of technology and how to correctly use it then they will do things that are not safe. I believe parents need to take the time to learn about technology and then the fears would lessen. Our country is behind other countries because we will not take the time to teach our children the positives and negatives of technology.

Travis Allen's "The iSchool Initiative"

Travis Allen explains that his high school is experiencing major budget cuts. These cuts resulted in pay cuts, teachers being let go, and classes getting larger. He proposes an idea to help called the iSchool. The iSchool will be done on an itouch. By doing this schools will be able to get rid of books, paper, copy machines, and pencils. He then explains how applications that are available today can be used. E-mail would be one of the most useful because students, parents, and teachers can keep track of assignments and due dates. Chemical touch is an app with a periodic table that explains things about each element just by touching it. US Constitution is an app with an easy to read Constitution. World Wiki would replace maps and globes in a classroom. USA Presidents app has interactive content for each president. Star Walk has information about the universe. Formulae is an app that provides all science and math formulas needed for a student to do problems. Recorder allows students to record lectures and be able to send to other students that might not have been in class. The scientific calculator allows students to use the itouch rather then spend money on an expensive graphing calculator. The notes app allows student and teachers to take, receive, and send notes. Classics is a book reader that is easy to pick a chapter and flip through pages. This app can be used for text books and library books. iHomework gives students and teachers a list of assignments and keep track of each subject and the due dates.

This video really got me interested in knowing more about how much has changed since the video. I would really like to use this in my class and think students would enjoy school more. Students always learn more when they are having fun and interested in the way they are being taught. I really think Travis has the right idea with how the iSchool would save schools a lot of money due to less paper being used.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
This video is absolutely amazing. I cannot imagine that the people in this video had never met before. Eric is an amazing person to be able to put something like this together. This video shows how technology can create some wonderful things. Think of what people can do with any in the world using technology.

Kevin Roberts's "Teaching in the 21st Century

Roberts believes that teaching in the 21st century is not by teaching facts. Facts can be found anywhere, anytime, anyplace. However, if you teach skills then the students have to learn from you. The way teachers can see if students are learning is by getting them to apply the skills you have taught through video, podcast, blogging,or presenting. He thinks students should publish work through video, audio, or wiki. We as teachers need to rethink the way we teach. He also mentions however you decide to teach you need to make it challenging, engaging, and relevant. I could not agree more with Travis. Our world is growing rapidly and it is time for a change. If we do not change our children will be behind the rest of the world. I plan on using the tools I am learning in this class to incorporate in my teaching methods when I get my own classroom.

Reading Rockets
child reading a book

I am studying to be an Elementary teacher and this website seems to be geared towards elementary. I have absolutely nothing to say negative about this site. I really want to teach somewhere between 1st-3rd grade. These are the years, I believe, that can make or break a child's enjoyment of reading. This site gives games that you can have your students play to strengthen their vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, phonics, and writing. I also really enjoyed how the site gave possibilities of reading lists and books to go along with certain things in history.

I think this website cannot only be used at school with a teacher, but also with parents at home. With technology growing rapidly, I would really use this website in my classroom. However, most children have a computer at home, so I would assign things to do with this website at home with the parents. I believe a child really wants to learn if they see their parents are behind them and support them as much as their teacher does. I think Anthony Capps is right the website is very valuable to education.

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