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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project 3 C4T #1

Comment 1

I was assigned Kelly Tenkely and the first blog I commented on was about speed booking. She talked of how this can be done either through computers or using paper if there are not enough computers available to the students. The blog talks of how this idea gets children interested in books and to help form reading groups in class. The way this speed booking works is each students is given a few minutes to read either a chapter in a book, look at the title of the chapters or read the introduction to the book. After time is up each student rates the book 1 of 4 ways: "I want to read more", "Interesting", "Not for me", or "I've already read".

I responded to her post by stating what a great idea the speed booking is. I explained how I am studying to teach elementary school and would love to use this in my class to help with vocabulary and get children more involved with reading. This idea really helps to teach children to not judge a book by its cover. Click here to go to the post.

Comment 2
Screen shot of Money Island Website

Kelly Tenkely did not respong to my first comment so I found another post and commented on it. This Blog had to do with a website called Money Island This site allows students to learn about three different areas: saving and spending, earning and investing, and using credit wisely. The site takes the child on a journey throughout the world to learn and apply the three different areas along with other very important things they should now about our economy. The site also gives lesson plans and activities so teachers can incorporate the site into school. Ms. Tenkely also talks about how to integrate the site into a classroom. She suggests either having it as a center that students can rotate throughout the week or even use it as something to do at home.

I responded to here post by first stating what a great idea this site is. I also want to know her opinion on what is a good grade to start putting this in lessons about money. I then told her about when I was in school I was never really taught about what this site is hoping to teach children. I think it is definitely something children need to learn with how our economy is these days. I really hope I will be able to use this tool when I start teaching.

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