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Friday, March 2, 2012

C4K Summary for February

Comment 1

The first week I was assigned Brandon from Mrs. Barks's 4th/5th grade class at Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand. The first post I stumbled on was about his vacation. He talked about going on a steam engine and getting a piece of coal. He went through a Victorian Village in a cart and he was not able to ride the Voyager. He then went on a tram to the air crafts. I replied to his post asking him to explain what M.O.T.A.T. means. I also related to him by telling I have been on a steam engine before too. i also wanted to know if he drew the picture in the post because it was great and had a lot of detail.

Comment 2

The second week I was assigned Emily from Mrs. Hubener's 5th grade class at Sioux Rapids, Iowa. The newest post of Emily's was about her upcoming weekend. She discussed in her post about going to visit her grandparents in South Dakota. She explained that her family would leave on Friday and stay till Monday. She also talked about the weekend before she was having a friend come over and they were going to the store to talk to the Australian guy. I explained to her that I love spending time with my family. I also asked her what her grandparents and her did for fun.

Comment 3

The third week I was assigned Taylor from Mr. Salsich's 3rd grade class in Connecticut. She included in her post a video. She talked in her post about a Flash Mob group she was in. They performed a dance to a song in "The Sound of Music." I responded to her post by telling her I was in "The Sound of Music" too when I was in third grade. I asked when the play was and also suggest another movie she might enjoy.

Comment 4
firefighter talking to children about fire safety

The fourth and final week in February I was assigned Mrs. Yollis's Class in California. This week was the first week that I was not given a student of the class. I really enjoyed the blog this week. Mrs. Yollis likes to have her students interact through her blog posts. This week she had a firefighter come in an teach the class about fire safety. Throughout her whole blog she includes photos and descriptions to the photos and my favorite thing is she includes questions throughout to let her students interact. I commented on her blog and told her I thought having the firefighter come into her class really seemed to have an impact on the children.

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  1. From New Zealand, the midwest USA, the East and the great Mrs. Yollis! Wonderful trip! Well done.