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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

C4T 3

Comment 1

I was assigned Melissa B this time for C4T. Her blog post had a picture of a brick fence with the title shadow dancing on it. I replied and told her I loved the picture. I also love being outdoors and always like to look at the shadows of objects and see the difference between the shadow and the actual object. If you were to look at the shadow of the fence you would have no idea that it was a fence. I cannot wait to see if she posts more artwork and see what shadow picture she comes up with next.
brick wall with a shadow on the ground

Comment 2

Melissa B posted a new blog. This time her picture was of a snowman on a mailbox at the start of spring. I replied and told her that I think that people leaving Christmas decorations up all year is tacky. I think that it shows how lazy people in our country are becoming. The picture was titled "Wordless". I believe this is a perfect title because the picture is so comical it does not need words to explain.
snowman on a mailbox during the spring

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