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Thursday, March 8, 2012

C4T #2

Comment 1
I was assigned Larry Ferlazzo and his post was part four of a five part series where he is answering questions using professionals that have written books on the topics or teach the topics. The post was really short but had a link to the article he has written. He has four professionals answer the question "What is the best advice you would give to teachers trying to help their students become better readers?" They all use different wording but two things they state that are really important is to make the students read, read, and read and also to show the students how you comprehend a passage when reading it. The way they suggest to show the students this is to illustrate or quote a passage an then tell the students what you, the teacher, thinks the author is trying to say. I commented on his blog website. I told him how I had a hard time with comprehension through school. This article really gave me great ideas to help my students not have the trouble I had in school.

Comment 2
emoticons showing happy, sad, and so-so emotions

Mr. Ferlazzo posted a blog about a website "Making Faces" that lets people make faces to show emotions. I commented to his post and told him I found it a great website for elementary teachers to use. This website will help children to learn different emotions and the words for those emotions. If I teach a kindergarten or first grade class I will definitely use this website to help my students learn about emotions. You can fins Mr. Ferlazzo post and my comment on his website

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