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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post #11

Little Kids...Big Potential

In this video Ms. Cassidy's class explains some of the things they are doing with technology. The first child talks about how he enjoys writing in his book but he likes writing on his blog more. I am amazed that children this age are already diving into technology and know more about parts of technology than I do. Ms. Cassidy uses blogs to help the children with their writing and as a portfolio of their work throughout the year. She also teaches them how to use the internet safely. That has always been my biggest problem with young children using the internet. The webpage they use helps them with all subjects. They have a time everyday where they have the opportunity to pick which subject they want to work on. She also uses Wiki so her students can do their own research about things with the help of people on the internet. I really like how she is already starting to teach these young children how to research. I really like how she uses videos in her classroom too. The children have to learn how to work well with their classmates and also how to make videos. I never imagined children this age would already be this into technology. When I was there age I barely knew how to use a computer. I think now that technology has grown so much it is about time classrooms really start to engage students through technology.

Mrs. Cassidy's Skype Interview
Mrs. Cassidy's interview with Dr. Strange

I really want technology to be a part of my lessons when I teach. I really think having some sort of technology available to use will make my students want to participate more. The world now seems to revolve around new additions to technology so why not make my classroom revolve around technology. I fear that the parents will be a impediment of mine. I think they will like to be able to view their students work but will not like just anyone in the world being able to look at it too. If I encounter this problem I will probably do what Mrs. Cassidy did and at the beginning of the year send out a letter. The letter I send out will explain what we will be doing with the computers and the benefits and also the safety precautions we will take to protect their child. I also fear that the school I work at it will not have the funding to be able to give me computers in my classroom. To solve this problem I will try and talk to the superintendent and also get support from other teachers to help back me up to get the funding I need. I really want to use blogs in my classroom so my students can get a lot of positive feedback and maybe give them more confidence that they can do this work and can get better. I really think using technology will get my students more involved with the educational uses of the internet. I also think it will prepare my students for the years to come and college.


  1. Sarah,
    My name is Lindsay Curtis, and I am assigned to your blog this week! I enjoyed reading your post, and doing this blog post assignment! I plan to incorporate technology into my classroom, and to be effective in keeping my students engaged. Mrs. Cassidy really was a great example of how we can amplify the engagement with technology!

  2. Hey Sarah,

    You are the first person whom I have commented on that has thought about the issues with higher authorities that we normal don't worry about. I am glad that you would try to talk to someone and let them know how much you could help the students with technology!

    Good job Sarah!

    Stephen Akins