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Sunday, April 15, 2012

C4K April Summary

Comment 1 April 8
view of Mt. Mansfield

This is my second week posting on Curtis's blog. This week he talked about Vermont. The one thing he mentioned about Vermont is Lake Champlain and the myth of a sea monster. He also mentioned Mt. Mansfield. I commented and told him how I have never been to Vermont. I asked him how the sea monster got his name. I also told him I would love the see the view from the top of Mt. Mansfield. I really enjoyed hearing about where he is from and he made me want to visit Vermont.

Comment 2 April 15

Well this was my final week posting on Curits's blog. He did not post any new blogs since my last comment so I commented an his All About Me Blog. He wrote that he liked baseball and listed his favorite team and also explained where he was from and his favorite food. He listed that his favorite food was pizza with maple syrup. I have never tried that but really do not think I would like it. I commented on his blog and told him about my favorite baseball team being the Braves and I loved watching it with my dad. I hope that he continues to post on his blog. I really enjoy being able to have the same kid for three weeks cause I really got to know a little about him.

Comment 3 April 22

Sadly this is my final C4K! This week I was assigned Ms. Jenny She's year 1 class in New Zeland and the third blog post in the month of April. The title of the post I commented on is Aneelis at Butterfly Creek. The post was a video done through animoto showing pictures of Aneelis and her adventure through Butterfly Creek. The pictures showed a lot of different animals including rabbits, butterflies, and goats. I commented and told her how I wanted to visit Butterfly Creek and have a butterfly sit on me like it did on her. I also asked her what animal was her favorite. I really like the animoto the teacher used to show the pictures.

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