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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post 12

1.Watch Normal Distribution Video
2.Watch Normal Distirbution
3.Watch MAT 110 Module 4: Normal Distribution Curve and Percents

Write a post in which you discuss the differences and similarities of the three videos about Bell Curve. Also do some research and find out some standardized test that you can use the Bell Curve to illustrate. Write at least one paragraph about the similarities of the videos and one paragraph about the differences of the videos. Also write one paragraph on standardized tests that use the Bell Curve. You will have to do a little research to figure the tests out. Follow the requirements in Writing a Quality Blog Post.

4.For the picture on this blog post include your own drawing of a Bell Curve.

My Example of the Blog Post
my personal drawing of a bell curve

Similarities of the videos

All the videos mention the normal curve is the Bell-shaped Curve. They also talk about the mean (average) and standard deviation. The videos also include how to label a Bell curve with the mean and standard deviations. The videos also gives a percent for the very tail ends of the curve. The only other similarity all the videos have is the 68-95-99 percents used with standard deviations. For example, one standard deviation away from the mean is 68% of the data, two standard deviations away from the mean is 95%, and three standard deviations away from the mean is 99%.

Differences of the Videos

The MAT 110 Module 4: Normal Distribution Curve and Percents Video and Normal Distribution Video gives an actual problem to work with unlike the other video. However, the Normal Distribution Video works out the problems for to help you understand the percents and how to get an actual number. The actual 68-95-99 percents broken down are different in all three videos. However, all three videos only differ by a tenth or hundredth of a percent. The Normal Distirbution video shows a different symbol for mean and standard deviation. The mean symbol looks like a u with a tail and is called the mu. The standard deviation symbol looks like a cursive o and is called sigma. This video also goes over how to look for median and mode unlike the other two videos.

Standardized Tests

All standardized tests can use a bell curve to help show a parent how there child is performing compared to everyone else that took the test. A few of the test you will recognize are SAT and ACT. However there are a lot more that as a teacher I will learn to use. For example, WISC and IQ. You can also use the Bell Curve to convert a problem from a percent to an actual score.

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