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Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T #4

Comment 1

This C4T I was assigned to Kim Cofino. She works with international schools in technology. Her Blog was about 1:1 implementation updates. She lists three updates in her blog. The first one was about how children take care of the laptops they are given. They make students and parents sign a responsible use agreement to make sure they know the consequences when they damage the laptop. The second update was about accountability. The children are given three strikes when they do things on their laptop they are not supposed to. The third update is about balance. The children were having a hard time dealing with having a laptop all the time and the parents were having a hard time having a new laptop in the house. I commented on her post and told her about how I really would enjoy working with international students. I also told her I liked the accountability they hold to their students.

Comment 2
two girls reading a book about connected learning communities

This week on Kim Cofino's Blog she talked about Digital Citizenship Week. She explains through her blog how she informs her middle school about digital citizenship. They start off with a different word every day to learn about through activities. Everyday they start out meeting in a special tutor group for 45 minutes to do activities including answering a survey, adding pin to a collaborative map, and adding a slide to a presentation that is shown to the whole school at the end of the week. After they have gotten aout of there tutor groups each grade spends 90 minutes with one of three teachers that teach them about the words used for each day. The school also had a couple of courses that participated such as PE and Technology. At the end of the week the Student Council presented the material everyone put together about what it means to be a digital citizen. I commented on her blog and shared my thanks with her for helping us with an idea to tach kids about digital citizenship. I also told her I hope that the school I end up teaching at will be as willing to participate as I am.

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